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Recover and harness your internal energy and live life to the fullest.

About Us

In the hectic life of a modern individual where razor sharp scheduling and time management are valued above all, people ignore proper care of their psyche and body, which ends up taking a considerably heavy toll on our body and causes great mental fatigue, and consequently the performance and day to day productivity takes a hit. To help you recover the lost energy and reinvigorate your mind and body, Royal Thai Spa offers a wide range of massages and wellness therapies that will help you ease the tension in your body tissues and relieve the pressure buildup to help you take on the daily challenges and ace them with elan.

Our company was established in the year 2016, and in a relatively short span of time, we have managed to capture the attention of the masses on account of our class leading services and their sheer diversity, addressing the varied needs of clients. Backed by a posse of trained personnel, we have, in a relatively short span of time, solidified our position in the market as a noted Service Provider, doling out services such as Candle Body Spa, Aromatic Facial Services, Body Massages and Head to Toe Aroma Therapy to name a few.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is different from its conventional and better known counterparts in the sense that it does not make use of oils and elevated platforms or tables and depending upon the re-invigorating and healing attributes of extracts to ease the tension in the body. Instead, Thai massage seeks to relieve the pressure by realigning the invisible energy lines present in the body, because it is believed that when these energy pathways are hindered or restricted, mental stress and physical problems.

Thai massage employs the combined effects of acupressure, assisted yoga and Ayurvedic guidelines that are inherited from the Buddhist monks who employed this method for curing. In this form, an expert uses uses his hands to performs a number of yoga like stretches and works along the energy lines by using the synergistic effects of joint mobilization, acupressure and muscle compression. The main aim is to reactivate the energy packets lying dormant in the tissues and to direct their reserves to the muscles so that the stiffness in them can be erased and ensure an unobstructed flow of energy. This is a very deep approach of healing which transcends the boundaries of physical well being and has proven to be highly effective in relieving emotional stress and elevates one's optimistic outlook and feeling of refreshment. Moreover, Thai massage aids in getting a good sleep at night which goes a long way in stabilizing the blood circulation throughout the body and promotes a uniform flow of internal energy ans allows the body systems to heal at a natural, albeit faster, pace.

The added focus on physical flexibility is the hallmark of Thai massage which proves to be pivotal in increasing the range of one's physical motions and provides the capability to better tackle the challenges one faces on a day to basis.